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Imagine not knowing what people are saying about your brand

Keyword Watch monitors the web in real-time for mentions of your brand, competitors, high-intent leads or any other keywords relevant to you.

With billions of pages and posts each day, it's impossible to keep an eye on everything around the clock, so let us [Keyword] Watch for you.

Get up and running in just a few minutes!

Keyword Watch never sleeps, so you can.

We're monitoring your mentions around the clock. Scanning billions of daily pages and posts from around the world.


Monitoring the leading communities that matter

We'll scan every public page & post on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, Slack Communities, Quora, Upwork, Stack Overflow,, Stack Exchange, Server Fault, Spiceworks, and many more.

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Get leads before your competitors do

Higher intent leads than any ads - without the cost. Jump into conversations when people are looking for solutions to the problems you solve. A timely response to a relevant question is the best way to self-promote without looking like spam.

“Social listening was key to generating word-of-mouth for our business. It eventually accounted for almost 1/3 of our new sign ups.”

Kyle's testimonial
Kyle Fox, Co-founder @ Rewardful
Social Listening for lead generation

Prevent brand damage & hijacking

Your brand can be damaged by one situation blowing up publicly. Be instantly notified so you can de-escalate situations before they become a bigger problem.

Social Listening for brand safety

24/7 Social Listening around the globe

We're monitoring important conversations happening around the world 24/7 while you sleep and do focused work. You shouldn't have to waste half your day browsing all the communities for conversations you need to be involed in.

Choose to receive notifications in real-time or in a batch summary each day.

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Real-time alerts in Slack

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Real-time alerts via email

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Summary reports every 1/6/24 hours

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Instantly via API or RSS

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You're missing out on important conversations Start your free trial today

(Note: Given the massive data volume we process, we only monitor live data. Every minute you wait could mean a missed mention)