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How it works

Set up your monitoring instantly.

Start monitoring in minutes. There's nothing to install, just enter the keywords you want to monitor and we'll start watching!

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Sign up for a free trial on the plan that suits you the best.

Step 2

Add your keywords

Add you brand name(s), domain name, competitor names, competitor domain names, and/or any other keywords you want to track.

Step 3

Refine using filters (optional)

Learn & refine your monitoring ongoing to reduce the noise by adding negative keywords, removing sources or adding other filters if you'd like. We're always here to help if you want a hand.


Decide how you want to be notified of mentions

Set your notification preferences to your working style. Receive them in real-time or browse through them in batch.

Slack (real-time)

Install the Keyword Watch Slack app and get notified directly in Slack. Send notifications to an existing channel or create a new one specifically for your monitoring.

RSS (real-time)

Got a favorite RSS reader? Great! You can receive your mentions directly in your RSS feed.

Email (real-time or batch)

Receive email notifications immediately for real-time monitoring or receive them in batch to go through them all at once.

API (real-time)

Receive notifications of your mentions through our API for ultimate flexibility.

Keyword Watch never sleeps, so you can.

We're monitoring your mentions around the clock. Scanning billions of daily pages and posts from around the world.


You're missing out on important conversations Start your free trial today

(Note: Given the massive data volume we process, we only monitor live data. Every minute you wait could mean a missed mention)